Heath Policy Proposals

This document presents a set of policy proposals related to healthcare and well-being. The proposals cover a wide range of topics within the healthcare sector. Click on the links below to explore each policy in detail.

Widen Public Access To Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CCBT)

  • Advocates for a trial to make computerised cognitive behavioral therapy freely accessible to anyone via the Internet.
  • Aims to provide help for individuals with mental health concerns online, maintaining anonymity.
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Securing The NHS For Now And The Future

  • Requires that any changes to the NHS do not negatively impact its primary principles.
  • Advocates for evidence-based changes, transparency in private provision of services, and continuity of care.
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Scrap Prescription Charges

  • Commits to removing charges for prescriptions in England, aligning with other UK nations.
  • Ensures healthcare based on need, not the ability to pay.
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Scientific Approach To Clinical Trials

  • Proposes the adoption of the "All Trials" campaign proposals for clinical trials.
  • Calls for the registration and recording of all tests of treatments on humans.
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Reverse Privatisation Within The NHS

  • Advocates for the principles outlined in the NHS Reinstatement Bill to ensure public funding and accountability.
  • Recommends the reinstatement of government responsibility for key NHS services and the abolition of private sector-driven competition.
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Rehabilitation For Alcohol Addicts

  • Proposes sending alcohol addicts to rehabilitation instead of prison, funded by an increased tax on alcohol.
  • Aims to address the growing issue of alcohol addiction.
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Addressing the Nursing Crisis

  • Recommends increased funding for the National Health Service (NHS) to improve staffing levels.
  • Prioritizes comprehensive workforce planning and improved nurse pay and working conditions.
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Mental Healthcare Funding And Recognition

  • Calls for appropriate funding of mental health services to meet demand and improve outcomes.
  • Advocates for rebalancing the NHS budget to prioritize mental health care.
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Jointly Commissioned Health Services, Without Pooled Budgets

  • Proposes centralizing commissioning of health services without pooling budgets.
  • Aims to improve care quality and efficiency by eliminating service silos.
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Increasing NHS Funding

  • Advocates for increasing NHS funding by 4% in real terms and aligning UK healthcare spending with the G7 average.
  • Commits to undoing privatization in the NHS.
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Homeopathy And The NHS

  • Recommends permitting NHS funding for homeopathy or similar treatments only when no non-placebo treatment is available.
  • Focuses on evidence-based healthcare.
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Expanding Access to Comprehensive Care for Trans and Non-Binary Individuals

  • Addresses issues related to trans and non-binary healthcare, including legal identity change, non-binary options, and medical care.
  • Aims to provide comprehensive, inclusive healthcare services.
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Equality In Blood Donation

  • Calls for lifting restrictions on blood donations from men who have sex with men.
  • Advocates for individual screening to ensure as many people as possible can donate blood.
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End Public Finance Initiatives Within The NHS

  • Recommends ending public finance initiatives (PFIs) and addressing their impact on NHS services.
  • Advocates for transparency and intervention in cases of inflated PFI costs.
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Ban Surgical Mutilation Of Minors' Genitals

  • Proposes a ban on surgical mutilation of both male and female minors' genitalia without clear medical justification.
  • Aims to protect the rights of minors.
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An Evidence Based Approach To Alcohol Education

  • Advocates for an evidence-based approach to alcohol education to improve understanding and responsible use.
  • Focuses on providing accurate information to young people.
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Administration By Administrators, Medicine From Medical Staff

  • Stresses the importance of administrative staff in healthcare to support medical staff and patient care.
  • Advocates for a balanced approach that values both administration and patient care.
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Abolishing Drug Patents

  • Proposes the abolition of drug patents to reduce drug costs and increase research funding.
  • Aims to save NHS costs while promoting innovation.
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