Securing The NHS For Now And The Future

The Pirate Party will require that any legislative, administrative or other changes to the NHS do not have a negative impact on the NHS's primary principles: that it meet the needs of everyone; that it be free at the point of delivery; and that it be based on clinical need, not ability to pay.

Changes to the NHS should be based upon evidence, not ideology. Changes should come from within the health establishment and the NHS wherever possible, with evolutionary change driven by a continuous, democratic and open discussion within the service.

Where the government is planning privatisation or permitting private provision of services we will ensure that transparency be at least equal to the scrutiny that the public provision it replaces was subject to. Contracts must ensure that delivery costs are guaranteed with penalties for failure and contingencies to ensure continuity of care.

Health provision is something that should be available to everyone. Like scientific ideas and culture, it is something that should be seen as part of the commons because without it people's freedom to act is limited and pressures can be placed on individuals based on the cost or availability of healthcare, limiting freedom of action and potentially freedom of expression and association.