Local Policy Overview

Welcome to the local policy section of the Pirate Party's website. We believe in local autonomy, and each local group may have its own unique set of policies to address specific issues in their area. While this is a general overview of our core local policies, we encourage our local groups to tailor their policies to best serve their community's needs.

Core Local Policies

  1. Addressing the Cost of Living Crisis

  2. Annual Pride Celebrations

  3. Better Infrastructure for Motor Vehicles, Bicycles, and Pedestrians

  4. Child and Family Centers

  5. Citizens_Assembly

  6. District Heating and Cooling Local

  7. Gender-Neutral Restrooms

  8. Harm_Reduction_Policy

  9. Homelessness_Policy

  10. LGBT-Inclusive Education

  11. Local Power Generation and Distribution

  12. Mine Shafts, Oil wells, and Other Sites for Geothermal Heat and Cooling

  13. Public Toilets Open 24 Hours

  14. Trees in Towns

  15. Youth Empowerment

  16. Open Websites

  17. Online Consultations

Local Policies

Please check with your local Pirate Party group for policies specific to your area. Every local group may have different priorities and policies to address local issues. Connect with your local group to learn more about their initiatives and how you can get involved.

Note: Policies and priorities may vary among different Pirate Party local groups. It's important to engage with your local group to stay informed about their specific policies and activities.