Open Websites and Information Access Policy


This policy aims to promote open and unrestricted access to information on council websites. We believe that council website information should serve the public and not be restricted as intellectual property. This policy advocates against blocking copy-and-paste functionality on council websites and encourages the application of Creative Commons licenses to facilitate public use.


Our council is committed to the following principles:

  1. Open Access: Information on council websites should be freely accessible to the public without technical barriers or restrictions.

  2. No Copy-and-Paste Restrictions: We prohibit the blocking of copy-and-paste functionality on council websites, allowing users to copy, share, and use information as needed.

  3. Creative Commons Licensing: We encourage the application of Creative Commons licenses to allow for the use and sharing of information, provided appropriate attribution is given.

  4. Transparency: The council is committed to transparency in information sharing, ensuring that data and content are available in user-friendly formats.


  • Information Technology (IT): The IT department is responsible for ensuring that council websites do not implement copy-and-paste restrictions.

  • Legal Department: The legal department is responsible for guiding the application of Creative Commons licenses and ensuring that council website content aligns with these licenses.

  • Content Management Teams: Content managers should ensure that information is published in user-friendly, open formats.


To implement this policy, the following actions will be taken:

  1. Review and update council website terms of use and policies to explicitly prohibit blocking of copy-and-paste functionality.

  2. Encourage content creators to use Creative Commons licenses for relevant information, allowing public use with appropriate attribution.

  3. Regularly review and update website content to ensure it aligns with the principles of this policy.

  4. Educate staff and content creators about the importance of open access and Creative Commons licensing.

Feedback and Improvements

We welcome feedback from the public regarding the openness and accessibility of information on council websites. Feedback can be submitted through our website or other appropriate channels.


This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Any necessary revisions will be made to align with changing best practices and technological advancements.


This policy reflects our commitment to open access and transparency in the sharing of information on council websites. By opposing copy-and-paste restrictions and advocating for Creative Commons licensing, we aim to serve the people effectively and provide unrestricted access to valuable information.

Please adapt this policy to your specific council's needs and ensure it aligns with local laws and regulations. Involving key stakeholders and the public in the development of such a policy can help ensure it meets the needs and expectations of your community.