Public Toilets Open 24 Hours Policy

Pirate Party UK (PPUK) acknowledges the importance of accessible public facilities that cater to the basic needs of our community members. We advocate for a "Public Toilets Open 24 Hours" policy at the local level to ensure that residents and visitors have continuous access to clean and safe public restrooms. Our commitment to this policy includes the following principles and initiatives:

  1. Accessible Locations: PPUK supports the establishment of public toilets in locations that are easily accessible to the community, particularly in areas with high foot traffic, transportation hubs, and places of recreation.

  2. 24-Hour Availability: Public toilets should remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to accommodate the diverse schedules and needs of the community, including night-shift workers and late-night commuters.

  3. Cleanliness and Maintenance: Implement regular cleaning and maintenance schedules to ensure that public toilets are in a hygienic and safe condition at all times. This includes daily inspections and responsive repairs.

  4. Gender-Neutral Facilities: Promote gender-neutral public restrooms to provide safe and inclusive spaces for individuals of all gender identities.

  5. Accessibility for People with Disabilities: Ensure that public toilets are fully accessible to people with disabilities, including the availability of facilities like accessible stalls, handrails, and signage.

  6. Hygiene Supplies: Provide essential hygiene supplies within public toilets, such as soap, hand sanitizers, and paper towels.

  7. Security and Safety: Implement security measures, including well-lit areas, security cameras, and regular police patrols, to enhance the safety of public toilet facilities, especially during nighttime hours.

  8. Education and Awareness: Develop educational campaigns to raise awareness about the availability and locations of 24-hour public toilets in the community.

  9. Environmental Responsibility: Incorporate sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in the maintenance of public toilets, including water-efficient fixtures and energy-saving lighting.

  10. Community Feedback and Improvement: Encourage community members to provide feedback on the state of public toilets and suggest improvements. This feedback should be used to enhance the quality and availability of public facilities.

  11. Collaboration with Local Businesses: Collaborate with local businesses to extend the availability of public restrooms during their business hours, further addressing the need for accessible facilities.

  12. Review and Accountability: Conduct regular reviews to assess the effectiveness of the "Public Toilets Open 24 Hours" policy and make necessary adjustments to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the community.

Accessible and well-maintained public toilets are essential for the health, dignity, and convenience of community members and visitors. The Pirate Party UK (PPUK) is dedicated to working at the local level to ensure that 24-hour public toilets are available to all, contributing to the well-being of our community.