Restoring Trust In Democracy - Policy Proposals

This document outlines a series of policy proposals aimed at restoring trust in democracy. Each proposal addresses a specific aspect of the democratic process and governance in the UK. Click on the links below to learn more about each proposal:

  1. Votes At 16

    • Advocates for lowering the voting age to 16 to increase political engagement among young people.
  2. Restrict MPs' Ability To Have Second Jobs

    • Proposes limiting the number of hours MPs can work in other roles to avoid conflicts of interest.
  3. Require Sensible Service Contracts

    • Calls for accountability in public service contracts to ensure quality service to communities.
  4. Require Government Ministers To Have Relevant Experience

    • Recommends setting minimum standards of knowledge and experience for government ministers.
  5. Remove Financial Barriers To Standing In Elections

    • Suggests abolishing candidacy deposits to encourage participation by independent and small%20party candidates.
  6. Remove Bishops From The House Of Lords

    • Argues for the removal of Bishops from the House of Lords to improve representation.
  7. Reform The House Of Lords

    • Proposes a national discussion to reform the House of Lords while preserving its role as an expert body.
  8. Reform MPs' Pay

    • Recommends reforming MPs' pay and linking it to a prosperity measure.
  9. Rate All Spending In Pounds Per QALY

    • Advocates for using a uniform measure (Pounds per in decision%20making across all government spending areas.
  10. Make Parliament Work

    • Proposes measures to improve the quality of legislation and reduce the power of Whips in the Commons.
  11. Independent Public Spending Reviews

    • Calls for independent audits of public sector spending to identify potential savings without reducing effectiveness.
  12. Increase Government Transparency And Accountability

    • Recommends new rights for constituents and increased transparency in government meetings and treaties.
  13. Implement Proportional Representation

    • Advocates for proportional representation in all UK elections to ensure fair representation.
  14. English Assembly

    • Proposes the creation of a separate English government to address under%20representation of English voters.
  15. Democratise The City Of London

    • Supports the democratisation of the City of London and calls for greater transparency and accountability.
  16. Demand Accountability From Government Suppliers

    • Recommends penalties for government suppliers who fail to meet budget and deadline requirements.
  17. Dealing With Political Defections

    • Proposes triggering by%20elections when elected representatives defect to different political parties.
  18. Conflicts Of Interest

    • Suggests banning MPs from voting on matters in which they have a financial interest.
  19. Aim For A Balanced Budget

    • Supports the long%20term goal of achieving a balanced budget for the UK.

Please click on the individual links to explore each policy proposal in detail.