Welfare And Work Readme

Welcome to the Pirate Party's Welfare and Work policy documents. Our policies aim to promote fairness in taxation, create better retirement systems, and support workers' rights. Below, you will find a list of our key policy documents related to welfare and work, each with detailed points:

  1. Fair Tax Brackets:

    • Proposing a scheme where income tax brackets and personal allowances are tied to the median income.
    • Ensuring that individuals earning less than half of the national median income do not pay income taxes.
  2. Link The Top Rate Of Tax To The Unemployment Rate:

    • Advocating for linking the top income tax band rate to the unemployment rate to encourage job creation.
  3. Make Pensions Fairer:

    • Aiming to reduce fees and commissions charged by pension providers.
    • Promoting transparency in pension costs and the right to move savings to providers with lower overheads.
  4. Make Work, Work:

    • Addressing the issue of age-based pay discrimination, especially for young workers.
    • Objecting to discrimination within the benefits system for those not in full-time education or retirement.
  5. Merge National Insurance And Income Tax:

    • Advocating for the merger of National Insurance and Income Tax to simplify the tax system.
  6. Move Toward A Universal Basic Income:

    • Discussing the potential implementation of a Universal Basic Income for all British citizens.
    • Focusing on raising the minimum wage and simplifying the benefits system.
  7. No-One Will Pay More Tax Than Those Earning More Than Them:

    • Advocating for fair taxation with lower-income individuals paying lower tax rates than those earning more.
    • Aiming to simplify the tax system to ensure fairness.

<!-- 8. Adopt The Space For Cycling Framework:

  • Promoting the adoption of the "Making Space for Cycling" framework.
  • Focusing on cycle infrastructure funding, cycling safety, and quality infrastructure.

Feel free to explore these documents to learn more about our welfare and work-related policies and positions. -->