Justice Readme

Welcome to the Pirate Party's Justice policy documents. Our justice policies focus on transparency, effectiveness, and fairness within the judicial system, the police force, and legal processes. Below, you will find a list of our key policy documents on justice topics, each with detailed points:

  1. End Secret Courts:

    • Committing to a transparent, reasonable, and fair judicial system.
    • Ending the use of secret courts to ensure justice is seen to be done.
  2. Ensure The Police Are Effective:

    • Advocating for police resources that match area needs.
    • Ensuring highly visible and available police officers.
    • Balancing Police Community Support Officers and Police Officers for effectiveness.
  3. Improve The Rehabilitation Of Offenders:

    • Proposing significant reforms to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.
    • Removing the requirement to declare spent criminal convictions.
    • Toughening legislation against discrimination based on spent convictions.
  4. Maintain Independence Of The Judiciary, CPS And The Police:

    • Emphasizing the importance of an independent judiciary, CPS, and police.
    • Avoiding political or popular pressures in judicial and police decisions.
    • Ensuring judges can pass appropriate sentences and prioritize right areas.
  5. Make Extradition Fair:

    • Opposing extradition where it's against the interests of justice.
    • Granting British judges the power to halt extradition until trial readiness is ensured.
    • Seeking clearer rules for multinational cases and a fair US-UK extradition treaty.
  6. No To Police Commissioners:

    • Opposing the election of Police Commissioners.
    • Advocating for public scrutiny without political pressure.
    • Committing to abolishing Police Commissioners.
  7. Police Accountability:

    • Ensuring independent oversight of police wrongdoing investigations.
    • Continuing internal investigations even if an officer resigns or retires.
  8. Reverse Legal Aid Cuts:

    • Advocating for equal access to justice for all, regardless of income.
    • Reversing cuts to legal aid and ensuring access to representation.
    • Introducing sanctions to discourage frivolous motions or pleadings.

Feel free to explore these documents to learn more about our justice-related policies and positions.