Adopt The Space For Cycling Framework

We would adopt the "Making Space for Cycling" framework.

  • Safeguards would ensure that it is spent on infrastructure that primarily benefits cyclists

The key to enabling high cycling levels is excellent quality infrastructure, appropriate to the location, as well as bicycle parking. People don't like mixing with heavy traffic. Space for cycling is needed, away from motor vehicles, with care taken in relation to pedestrians. For instance, mixing cycles with pedestrians on narrow footways is never acceptable. In new developments providing for cycling will free up space that can be used for more productive things, such as houses, shops, or public space. The ease of cycling, and the casual interaction that this brings, makes it easy for people to visit shops and chat with friends, fostering the sense of community which is an essential element in a successful new development.

New developments and street renewals should design for a third of all journeys to be made by bike. This is achievable if the right design approach is applied.